Have you enought time? Am I capable of making daily spots? Am I enougth available at home? Could I obtain help if necessary? Have I the autorization to have poultry in my garden? Is there a risk of sound agression for my environement? Do my neighbours will accept my breeding? Is there enougth space in my garden? Could I provide safety for my chickens? Do I know the basics? Do I feel confident about my knowledge and capacity? Are everything ready (hen house, water, food distributors)? If you answered yes to all these questions let's go! You're ready!
The advantage of this kind of henhouse is to protect the hens against rats, humidity and to get shadow in summer.
A good start
You can use fillets to protect your breed.
12 questions for beginner
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Book selectionA book is escential for a beginer
the official reference to all the recognised Poultry Standards in Great Britain: it contains complete specifications together with judging points for all the standardised breeds and varieties. The new edition - the first since 1982 - is in full colour throughout, with over 200 colour photographs.
What are the factors which you need to consider before fetching your first hens? The idea to have some hens in its garden wins in popularity. People are more and more worried about the origin and the quality of what they eat . They can think of obtaining their own eggs or meat from their own breeding. The other side of medal of this fashion it is that we can think that it is simple to make some breeding, that " some seeds are enough " and that with an attractive cottage for toys used as a henhouse we shall have all that is needed to have beautiful fresh eggs. The reality, even if it is not so bad, is that it isn't so easy. Think about it before you start! At the beginning everything is beautiful, everything is new but it should not at the end of 10 days become for you a duty. You will suffer from it and more important animals shall suffer too! Examine in detail by informing you in advance particulary on breed requiring specific installations and particular care. Think about the regular cleaning of the henhouse, on examination of animals in detail to anticipate diseases or the parasites effect on health, in the supply of water and granules, to close doors in the evening and to open in the morning ... If you, you're satisfied, what about your animals ? Have you time available every day? The life of the hens is settled by routines. The rise in the sunrise, the meals at fixed hours, the visits at the particular moments of the day and so on. They have no idea of what is holidays thus forget the breeding of chickens if you are never at home. Naturally you can leave and make some breeding but it is necessary to find somebody to replace you in case of absence for the recovery of eggs, to check that there's enougth water and food. It's really important as a lack of water can be a cause of stress or death. To leave the hen house opened can be dramatic if a predator returns in the middle of the night. I recommend to make an aviary well protected for these periods when you will not be at home it will be helpfull for your friend who will take care about chickens to have few things to check. The henhouse First of all think to ask to your City hall to see if there are rules. Don't stop to think about it if somebody say to you " we heared... ", ask for official documents. Generally in countryside area it is widely tolerated to have chickens. You will find on the page " the law and the cock " examples of judgments(in France) in favour of the breeders. Nevertheless let us remain civilized and talk to your neighbours to know their point of view and think of giving them some fresh eggs, it will have a good effect. The henhouse place is very important. Not too far and easy of access rather. Think about where you need to place the water. The direct exposure to the sun have to be banned, the poultry will need shade in summer. Do not place the opening door in front of wind and fasten your construction to the ground (we rarely have storms but when it happens it is too late to act). The duty of cleaning for 3 hens is not a big problem but this is totaly different with thirty chickens. Hygiene in the henhouse is very important, without it you'll take the risk to be very disappointed by the deaths, the diseases and the other problems. Don't forget to ventilate the hen house but take care about draught. If you have enought space think at once about eventual future extension (we never know...). It is catastrophic for these animals to live in restricted spaces, they risk to hit each others (the hens eat the feathers of their congener up to the see blood) and the bad habits don't get lost easily. The fence where will be the hens has to be secured to avoid the predators attacks. Besides rat, stone martens, fox and the other animals with 4 legs (2 legs also...) who can kill the chickens, the birds of prey and ravens could kill the chicks. According to the breed you will have to adapt the height of wire netting. The heavy races do not fly but small and medium can easily jump up to 1,2m. Preparation Prepare the area and the accommodation before buying your hens. Buy the essential equipment and the food. Keep inform in advance about basics (don't forget to select this site to your favourites :) ). You can think that's too much but once the elementary knowledge acquired and a little of practice you will understand easily all these precautions. Follow the basics and you will see that the breeding and the nearness with animals brings many satisfactions. Breeding is a lesson of life. Are you ready ?
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