" It is Alexander the Great who introduced the chicken in Europe in 300 before JC "
Number of expressions is not in favour of the hen. Nevertheless this animal is very different that of what the majority of people think. Stupid not really ... The instinct of this animal allows him to feed, to drink, to wash itself and to move already from the birth. Without any demonstration of the other congeners it's going to scratch to look its food. Besides the capacities link to its instinct it's going to learn and recognize sounds and individuals. A small noise in the morning to give to call them to eat and they run up. They would be even abble according to certain scientific tests to refuse a first proposition of food if they know that after this refusal we shall propose them more that the first time! They recognize one of their congener by seeing a simple part of its body. They can open a door, push a curtain or turn in a labyrinth with a dexterity which we considered reserved for mammal or rodents (see video link hereafter). An animal famous broadcast even made a report which shows the training of chickens. They have to recognize a shape with an associated color and give a blow of beak onto the selected object or then follow a agility route and they do it perfectly. Other experiments showed that a chicken was capable of choosing between two food with or without medicines. The suffering chickens always took the food with painkiller medicins while the healthy chickens took the one who was deprived of it. Of what to question many our faiths and attitudes to these animals although we shall always find people who will remain unbelieving...
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