Triangular hen-house
Henhouse with window and aeration rail
A vast grassy area, a shelter and an aviary are the optimal elements for breeding
The hen house
DrawingConditions of breeding: It is indispensable to think about breeding conditions and about the animals comfort before buying them. Precarious conditions will bring only disappointments to the breeder. You will note that due to the law you are responsible for the well-being of animals you breed (french law). It is forbidden to mistreat or to carry hurt animals. Henhouse localization: The henhouse must not be away from your house because of daily maintenance and supervizing. It's also more difficult to check security and sanitary if it's too far. It is better to exclude breeding animals at 2km from your home except when you go daily to see them. Be careful about henhouse introduction in an area where there are a lot of houses. Your neighbours could not like it at its right value the cock song early in the morning (see our page The law and the cock). It is possible to isolate sounds from the henhouse to limit the morning noises but it is necessary to thinkto close and of open every evenings and every mornings the henhouse door. There are trapdoors with automatic open the door sold in the specialized shops which have the inconvenience to be relatively expensive (around 130€). In the country side the song of the cock is more easily accepted. Some justice judgment went to the the breeder way in small villages. The henhouse: It is necessary to think of it as we think about a house and to avoid the to build as temporary henhouse on wich we have to come back often. If we make the specifications it is necessary to think about the following things: - the size : according to the number of hens but not only. A shelter type " shelter of garden " will require an authorization demand to the city hall what is not the case of a small henhouse easy to move. It is necessary to think about number of hens per m ² (4 in 5 laying hens by m ²). A shelter where we can standing will facilitates the maintenance and the access to all the hidden areas. Also think about food storage. - materials : The wood is a good insulating material but it is more difficult to clean. The concrete and the walls in perpends, bricks or stones are materials which allow the water cleansing under pressure and discourage the rodents such as rats. The aluminum shelters or the iron are to be banned if they are not in the shadow and isolated well because of the sun it will be too much warm there. In every case we shall think of the internal temperature which must be able to rise when animals are locked (reheating by their own physical heat). If it is not the case we shall isolate walls and ceilings or we shall add a space heater during the very cold period. Light sources: The light is mandatory to the laying hen. Its biological cycle and the laying are strongly influenced by exposure time to the light. It is for that reason that the hens lay more in the summer than in the winter. We can arrange windows but it is necessary to pay attention that their surface is not too big to avoid the decreases of heat. It is also possible to settle the light with programming to optimize the return in eggs. You should not exceed the 16 hours daily exposure.
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