"We can add to the rests of diner some eggs shells crushed to give them calcium in order to help hens to produce new shells of egg ."
Did you know it ?
What about food?
Mixtures of cereal are the major part of the daily ration. We find the corn, the wheat, the wheat, the loaf, the barley, the oat, the rye ... We shall facilitate the wheat and the barley. The corn have to be used with economy, rather the winter because the hens will be too fat (with healthy risk link to that).
Food already-made... There are many questions about their composition and the potential risks link to their components. From my side I doesn't use it as the main food and I use granules laying hens punctually to help laying to restart and to avoid the possible deficiencies.
We believe that a chicken can manage its live alone with few cereals , forget it ! It is an animal which is captive and which does not find as in the nature all what needs for him(her).
If your animals have no vast area there's a risk fot the to not find proteins, vitamins and necessary elements. In that case they need an outside contribution. In the form of meat, of fish (the taste of the meat and the eggs can be affected with the fish) or of leguminous such as beans for 10 % of the daily ration max, lenses and small peas with small quantity, flour of soya until 20 % of the ration max. Potatoes must be cooked and never fresh. To serve crushed. Don't use it as the base of their food at the risk of diarrhoea. In the same way we can give them turnips, carrots and cooked beets. Broken eggs or too small eggs can be mixed in mashs. They will appreciate fresh fruit and it can be great to have some from the trees in the garden.
They will find on a grassy area the vegetation, small insects and the small animals they need. The keyword is to balance. I do not claim to know all and indeed to manage it but I inquire, I listen to, I look at them and make my best. Don't forget water in abundance and replaced it frequently. We can add in it vitamins time to time.
The best for alive free animals in group is to distribute food without limit otherwise only the dominant will have food and the weakest will not feed enough. The rests of table are very appreciated. For my part I prepare a mixture of wet bread with the rests. I take advantage of it to put in vitamins which I mix with the bread and the rests of table.
And if you want eggs with a very solid shell it is necessary to give to them shells of oysters that we crush with a hammer or which we can buy already crushed.
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