The skeleton: As all the birds the hen possesses a strong and light skeleton. The robustness is intended to support the weight of the body and the light to allow the theft. Certain bones have the marrow replaced by the air to be lighter. A certain rigidity useful for the march and for the theft is present because the backbone and because the pond are welded.
Buff Orpington
The chicken anatomy
Gold laced Orpington

The digestive system: The hen doesn't chew its food. Those this pass by the pharinx and the oesophagus to arrive in the crop. This last one has for function to soften the food which will pass then in the glandular stomach where are produced gastric juices. After that the muscular stomach will crush food. The digestion and the absorption then takes place in the small intestine and after a long course what will not be absorbed will be evacuated by the cesspool where also result the genital conduits.

Coq and Hen anatomy : The cock and the hen of the same race are going to distinguish themselves by their respective size. The male is bigger and taller than the female. Other distinguishing features are: the crest and the barbs of the cock bigger than those of the hen, presences of long feathers at the level of the tail (Sickles), the lancets and the fact that it possesses a spur much bigger than the one of the hen. It is very difficult for certain races to determine the sex before 4 in 5 months of age because of little of physical difference between the cock and the hen before the end of their period of growth (ex: the orpington).

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